Wireless Problem (Quite off topic)

October 21, 2008 § 7 Comments

I’m posting this on my blog in hopes someone finds it and can give me an answer because I can’t find an answer anywhere else.

The quick and nasty: I have a MacBook Pro. (I love it, no Apple slandering, please.) What happens is my actual wireless signal—not the reception on my laptop—but the actual wireless signal coming from the DSL modem disconnects and resets constantly. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing or working on, it just does this.

The modem itself is a combo DSL modem+Wireless Router (non-Apple product) and I’ve done the standard “Unplug and count to 10” stuff, but the signal still drops soon after. I’ve also run a virus scan on my computer, but nothing was found.

Really, I have no obvious reason to believe that my computer is causing the problem, nor are other computers in the house, but this problem only cropped up only after I began using the wireless network with my Mac, all of which makes me suspicious (although the wireless signal at the local library is never any problem).

Is there anyone out there who has any suggestions at all or has ever dealt with ths?


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